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My beautiful Whittaker

I’m writing this while listening to the songs that I sang to you. It brings back so many memories of the short time that I had with you. Taking in all of your perfect features.

The night I found out that Crystal and Ryan were pregnant was so exciting….after the tragic loss of their 1st pregnancy I was overjoyed. Counting down the months, weeks, and then days until I could meet my granddaughter.
With 2 awesome grandsons, to have a granddaughter, I felt truly blessed.

Then my world came crashing down. A phone call that will haunt me forever. Having my son say “Mum she’s not coming home”. It’s a phone call that is etched in my heart forever.
Racing up to the hospital praying that there had been a mistake but knowing in my heart that it was the tragic truth. Eventually getting there and seeing my son and daughter-in-law made it real…. Their beautiful baby would not be coming home.

The next few days are all a blur. As a mum all you want to do is to take away your child’s pain and yet you know there is nothing you can do to help.
Their grief as a Mum and Dad is a journey that I can’t take away from them…nor can I ease the hurt they are feeling.
I felt the sadness and anger I was feeling was not justified. How could I be so overwhelmed with these feelings when I was not the one to lose a child… I’m only the grandmother….the hurt, anger and sadness should be Ryan and Crystal's….I’m only the grandmother…

I was at Whittaker’s birth. To see my granddaughter born is up there with one of the amazing experiences of my life. Watching Crystal bring this beautiful little girl into the world is and always will be one of my most cherished memories. I was humbled seeing Crystal's courage and Ryan’s love and support for his beautiful Wife.
Whittaker’s Grandma and I bathed her, held her and told her how much we loved her. This is something that I will be forever grateful for.

Hummingbird House… no words. The dedication and support that was given to us was amazing. Being able to spend that time with Whittaker to talk to her, to sing to her and to just lay next to her is time that I will never forget.

The journey for Ryan and Crystal continues. To say that I am proud of them is an understatement.
“You Are My Heroes “

Love mum aka Whittaker's Bobba

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