Mum & Dad

We are Crystal and Ryan. Most proudly known as Whittaker’s Mum and Dad.
Our beloved daughter Whittaker Te Riunui Angela Zeeman was stillborn at 40 weeks on the 14th of July 2021 after a beautiful, healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy. Whittaker was 9 pound 7 & 57.5cm long. With a nose like her mummy and big feet & beautiful big lips like her daddy, our darling girl was perfect. Whittaker was born cold to touch, her lips stained a dark red and her umbilical cord wrapped tight around her neck.
Losing Whittaker and another pregnancy at 6 weeks just before her, has been the most unimaginable, heartbreaking time in our lives. We want our daughters name to live on and to bring some comfort to other devastated parents grieving their babies too. Working on Whittaker and Friends has been a project of love and an uplifting way to connect with our baby whilst navigating our own life after loss.
Dedicating our days to creating a beautiful legacy in memory of Whittaker and the many friends she has made in paradise, has brought us a small sense of comfort and peace.
We hope you feel that too. We see you.

Whittaker’s Mum & Dad