Whittaker and Friends

The journey of Whittaker and Friends began after our founders Crystal & Ryan lost their beloved daughter Whittaker, stillborn at 40 weeks due to an unpreventable cord accident. Read more about their story here. 
Months later, whilst deep in their own grief and struggling to find any comforting resources that weren't outdated or created by someone who had actually experienced child loss themselves, Whittaker and Friends was established to provide a safe, understanding space dedicated to pregnancy and baby loss.
With 6 babies stillborn in Australia every day and 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in miscarriage, the pregnancy and baby loss community has been shockingly under supported and misrepresented for far too long.
Until now.
We here at Whittaker and Friends are passionate about driving a movement that encourages more recognition and inclusion for parents like us, that devastatingly don’t get to bring their babies home.
We are still mothers. We are still fathers. We are still parents. We had our babies. The only difference is, our arms are now empty. More than anything and anyone, in our hardest season, we need unwavering support and acknowledgement for the painful parenthood journey we are now on.
We have created our own range of special mementos and we will also stock a specially selected range of memorial keepsakes from other small businesses that hold a space specifically for pregnancy and baby loss to commemorate your baby, your loss and your journey.
Whittaker and Friends represents the many friends Whittaker has made in paradise and the many friends and strong connections her parents, Crystal & Ryan have around them here on earth, because of Whittaker.
Maintaining relationships with those closest to you can be the most difficult complexity to navigate along your journey. Whittaker and Friends has a vision to be an inviting, informative resource for your vital support network to gain a better understanding and an insight into the daily struggles of life after loss. 
Although these small keepsakes won’t make your pain go away, we hope we can provide a little bit of comfort, even if just for a moment. We have so many big plans for this space and the future of Whittaker and Friends and we thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your heartbreaking journey.
We see you. You are not alone.

Whittaker & Friends Fam